Ark-Inc at Green Revolution

Couple of months ago, I was contacted by Emilie Oursel who was putting together a very interesting show in Haarlem, just 20 mins outside of Amsterdam, titled ‘Green Revolution‘. The show is now on, and features the Ark-Inc project alongside other experimental works such as Akos Maroy’s project bio.display, and ofcourse Critical Art Ensemble’s Immolation, a must -see project.

The exhibition is currently featured on We Make Money Not Art:
“Green revolution
, which invaded the walls of the Nieuwe Vide art space until June 13th, offers a broader, contemporary and decidedly darker take on the idea of a green revolution. The show brings together artists whose work investigates and comments on the current, complex and often hard to fully grasp mutations in our environment, whether it’s the environment in its green and eco sense or more generally the new political climate. Some of the artists selected use or comment on man-made disasters, others bring about distressing scenarios of a future life, others investigate the field of biotechnology, opening up new perspectives and questioning the world we live in…”


‘Changing the Changing’ Conference

For some time now, Benedict Singleton and myself are collaborating on taking the Ark-Inc project to the next level. As part of this process we wrote a paper titled “Ark-Inc: An Alternative View of What Designing for Sustainability Might Mean” which was successfully presented at the Changing the Change conference in Turin, July 2008.

There is great review of the ten best papers of the conference on Core77 and we were pleased to see our paper there.

From the conference site: “Changing the Change seeks to make a significant contribution to a necessary transformation that involves changing the direction of current changes toward a sustainable future. It specifically intends to outline the state-of-the-art of design research in terms of visions, proposals and tools with which design can actively and positively take part in the wider social learning process that will have to take place.”


The Long Doom?

Yesterday Dougald Hine gave a very engaging talk titled “The Long Doom?” at the London Long Now Meetup, which I had helped put together.

“The economic crisis has made even the immediate future far more uncertain than it seemed a year ago – so what about the longer term? How would we adapt to a world in which economic contraction replaced economic growth as the norm, good years taken with bad? What directions could the product and service design take in that kind of scenario? More generally, how do we get better at preparing for a wider range of futures – particularly those that don’t look like an upgraded version of the present?”

I urge you to have a look at the video of his talk here.


And the last slide featured the Ark Radio.

Wish you were here


Postcards from my pre Christmas travels around Spain and Portugal are on Flickr

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