back Emma Elliott, Spread your Wings and fly.

I flap my wings, I try to fly, while all those dogs come running by.
I flap I fall I quack I cry as I lose the race to the finish line.

My wings are cut to make me learn but all this does is make me yearn to go back home where I belong so I can think and be air born.

My mind runs fast, my flat feet stall, making my beak dive into the floor
My brain is frazzled it cannot see what makes sense when I am free
I want to turn ideas around to understand a world that’s round but on the ground ideas stay fixed; they start in one place and stack up like bricks.

I want to put ideas in space and fly around, seeing them from every place.
I want to fly above the ground and see beneath a world I’ve found
But I'm a duck whose wings are cut, running a race I cannot win, running a race that does me in.

I flap my wings and try to fly but this time a wise old duck flying by:
“Forget the barking, focus the mind, remember what you already know and spread your wings and fly".

“I flap my wings, I try to fly but they've been cut”, I shout up high.

He swoops on down to show his wings. “So have mine don't let them win”.

I flap my wings; I try to fly but this time with a focused mind.

I see the world that I once did and before I fall I take wing back to the place where I can win.

I now look down and see those dogs, they’re flapping their tails to try and take off but I am a duck that glides on by, winning the race from the sky.